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In 1992 Benestar was born, and in our early days we were excited about and dedicated to our health food and natural product stores. We also participated in industry fairs like BioCultura and Expocio in Madrid and Exposalud in Barcelona, with our comfort shoes, made with great care while always respecting to the fullest the anatomy of the human foot.

Our feet are the point of contact with the earth; they bear all the weight of our organism and possess points that are connected to each of our vital organs.

Why might we have foot pain? In its natural form, the foot is perfectly engineered to walk, run, maintain balance or bear the weight of our bodies for hours on end. With the use of inadequate footwear, this perfect machine weakens, with the deformation of its natural structure causing pain, fatigue, rigidity and tension in the ankles and legs, as well as alterations in blood circulation, as well as many other detrimental effects.

On the other hand, walking barefoot (especially on sand at the seaside), caressing or massaging the feet, and moving your toes and joints cause overall relaxation for the entire organism. In this light, taking off one's shoes has become a widespread symbol of liberation and rest. This could not be more true, as a shoe that squeezes the foot and a heel that artificially and incorrectly elevates it can be sheer torture, from which freedom must be achieved, considering that true well-being can not exist with feet that have been tormented by unnatural and oppressive footwear.

Observe your feet. They are not ugly. They are part of you. Take care of them and they shall do the same for you, like a loyal friend, for your health and well-being.

In 2001 we started with the typical Menorcan abarca sandal in fashionable colors and the highest quality leather. In 2011 we added our comfortable and original flats with several models giving a more modern touch to their traditional style as well as utmost comfort in soft leather and a selection of new seasonal colors. We also came out with some accessories, purses and wallets, all with the highest quality leather, which is our primary component.

Our motto is: “Nothing would ever be discovered if we were satisfied with what already exists.” (Séneca)

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